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Supporting professionals in Allied Health as well as alternative healthcare providers 
Let me swoop in and give you a hand so you get more out of your day

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Service Providing - Small Business Admin

Do you feel as though you are about to come crashing down? Are you struggling with your day to day administration tasks?


Do you want to get some more time back in your day, so that you can have more of a work life balance? 


I am here to get it done while you focus on the work you love.

Services Providing - Customer

Let me be your frontline Trooper for your Customer Service.


As running a small business can be very time consuming.


If you find yourself struggling with time management, missing those important customer enquiries and other administrative tasks, I am here for you.

Services Providing - Virtual Reception.j

Are you running around chasing your tail? When you are in the middle of jobs and can’t answer phones, you could be missing out on potential jobs or messages.


Let me take your calls and schedule your appointments so you never miss out on a job again.

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