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My Journey as a VA

People say it takes a village to raise a child the same can be said about a small business, it also takes a village. In the beginning, we always try to do everything whether it's from our social media, to our basic accounting, to serving our clients. We certainly wear many hats and do it all to save dollars because we haven’t got the cash flow.  We also don't know a lot of business owners within the industry and need to start networking to build our village.

Here's what I learned as a VA who started three years ago, it is not easy. There are a lot of late nights and it is not a Monday to Friday job. Even though that's what you're being sold, the flexibility, you can work as many hours as you want. To a degree, that is true, but if you want to make it a success, you need to put in the hard yard. That means researching online for things you don’t know, this alone can take hours at a time. Join networks online and be active. I heard of VA’s who were booked out within a few weeks. Well done to them! I take my hat off to them. For me, this has been a slow burn. Certainly not due to a lack of trying. There have been many factors involved.

I needed to ask myself do I want to go back to working as an employee? Short answer, “No!” But “Why?”  I did not find enough jobs, that are flexible during school hours, and if they are these scarce like hen’s teeth. I went back and looked at my original goals. To drop off and pick up my son from school without the stress of before or after school care and being able to take him to after school activities, without rushing in the peak hour traffic.

Do I enjoy what I do? “Yes!”  When I first started my VA Business, all I wanted to do was work with tradies. This was because in my corporate job that is who our company served. I quickly realised my personality was too soft. I ask myself who do I really want to serve? What is my passion? I always wanted to help people. This is when I decided to step into the Allied Health and alternative healthcare provider industry.  My first hurdle was I never worked in the industry. Who is going to give me my first chance? I started telling friends and my network and as luck would have it two days after I finished my course my first Psychologist called me.

From the get-go, I could tell what a warm nature he had. He was good at what he did, and I knew I could help him. It certainly was a challenge to research which Practice Program would suit best. I assisted in creating his templates and intake forms plus much more.  He knew I never worked in the industry before but was willing to teach me what he knew. He just needed admin support, something he was struggling with. This certainly was my niche.

I slowly assisted in building his business to get more clients and it certainly was not without challenges. Over time I worked with other VA’s in the industry to get more exposure within the industry. I learned quickly that not every client is the right fit.

I also learned when you get an enquiry and the potential client comes in absolute panic and needs someone to hit the ground running. When you still consider yourself a bit of a novice, your mind goes in overdrive and want to help, but when everything needs to be done two days ago as the potential client wants everything now you realise your cortisol level can go up as you want to please, but it may not be the right fit. It certainly wasn’t for me.  I learned to say “No!” There is no shame in saying that.

In the last 18 months, my business slowly grew but knew I had to keep expanding. Even though I am a Power Diary Partner, I am expanding with other Programs, to assist other professionals within the Industry.  As the saying goes “Knowledge is Power!”

I love what I do and I know that Allied Health Professionals are good at what they do. “Looking after their clients.” However, they struggle with the admin. If I can swoop in and look after their admin, then I know I have done my job right.

My advice is, do not give up on your dream! Keep going you will get there.


Sabrina Syvarth-Cheong

Your Administration Services

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